How to pay on the New Payments Platform (NPP)

The process of making an NPP payment is similar to BPAY and any normal EFT payment. The difference is you make the payment to a PayID, not a BSB and Account Number.


  • You can only make or receive an NPP payment if your bank is on this list.
  • Some banks have a separate NPP daily limit of $1,000. You'll need to check this with your financial institution.
  • If you're paying into Cubbi for the first time your bank may take 24 hours to process your first payment (to ensure the new payee is safe).
  • Only use PayID and Reference Number. Do not use any other other terms when making the payment. More info.

How to make an NPP Payment


Log on to your online banking

Log on to your online banking and go to make any normal payment


Enter the payment details:

  1. Enter the correct PayID (you can copy this from your Dashboard).
  2. Enter the unique Reference Number (15 digits) into the Reference field (copy this from your Dashboard on the 'Payments Due' page).
  3. Description field; be sure to enter the Reference Number (15 digits) only. Do not use other words like "rent" in this field (we know this is tempting!). 

Only use Reference Number in the payment Description and Reference. Do not use other terms like "rent" as it may bounce back into your account.

It's safer, simple and more secure. Some banking apps might refer to this PayID as an email address or mobile number because that's essentially what a PayID is. In our case, it's an email address.If you bank with Commonwealth Bank you need to make a payment to an 'email address', whereas, if you bank with ING you select PayID first before entering the email address.

The PayID and Reference Number will be the same for every payment you make regardless whether you pay for rent, bond or any other invoice.

Don't get the Reference Number wrong! It's best to copy & paste this from your Cubbi Dashboard. The PayID is unique to Cubbi and the same for everyone, whereas your Reference Number is unique to your lease and it's how we know how to allocate the payment to your tenancy and not someone else.

Next enter the exact amount shown in Cubbi to pay for the particular invoice. For example, if your invoice is $99.99, you'll need to pay $99.99, not $100! 

You need to pay the exact amount of the invoice owing, otherwise, it will be allocated as a rent payment. This is because Cubbi automatically allocates all payments made by you. Learn more.


Click Pay

That's it! Your NPP payment is complete and will show up on your tenancy's payment records in Cubbi within 30 seconds. It's that fast!

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