How to invite new tenants?

For Owners

If you want to invite new tenants and you want to onboard them with Cubbi, here are the steps:


Log in to Cubbi here


Click '+ New Tenants' on your Owner Dashboard

You'll see this button on the right hand side, next to your property address. 


Follow the prompts on the Cubbi form via 'New Tenants' > 'Skip Advertising'

You'll need the below information to hand to complete your tenant invite:

  • Lease terms, including rent terms and bond due
  • Tenant's information

Once completed, your tenants will receive the invite via email to get set up on Cubbi. Once they complete the setup, you'll be sent an email to review and sign your lease agreement. 

What happens if I make a mistake?

There's a couple of places you could make a mistake:

  • Tenant Invitation to join Cubbi - to correct this, you'll just need to withdraw the pending invite and start again: How to withdraw a tenant invite
  • Pending lease - once a lease has been signed by an Owner it can't be edited. You'll need to follow the steps here to withdraw and re-create the lease: How to edit or withdraw the lease

If the lease has been signed and the tenancy activated, send us a message here, and we'll be happy to help!