Charging tenant for water usage at the end of a tenancy

When a tenant is vacating the property you don't typically have the next invoice to charge a tenant as you normally would. 

Therefore as an owner as part of your Final Inspection (within a couple of days of the tenant moving out) take a water meter reading.

Then calculate the difference between the last water meter reading the tenant paid up to (as per the previous bill) and the water meter reading you took at the final inspection and multiply that by the cost per kL.

Last water meter reading: 3455859 (as per previous water bill)
Final water meter reading: 3455967 (as per your physical inspection)
Cost per kL:  $1.6810 (as per previous water bill)

3455967 - 3455859 = 108 kL used since last bill
$1.6810 x 108 = $181.548

Now you can Invoice a tenant in Cubbi for the total water usage outstanding of $181.55. Just note 'Final water usage charge' in the description.

Nice to have: Take a photo of the water meter reading as evidence and upload that into Cubbi when invoicing your tenant.

New tenants: You can do this in reverse for the first pro-rata water usage charge for new tenants who have recently moved in.