Water consumption

In most areas (except Victoria) the water account will remain in the owner's name and the tenant needs to reimburse the owner for the water consumption. If that is the case keep reading.

Process for dealing with Water Consumption

  1. You pay the invoice directly to water authority/council
  2. Enter the expense in Cubbi (Create your own 'Water' category)
  3. Send an invoice to your tenant for reimbursement


The tenant is only responsible for the water used. For example, tenants are not responsible for paying any service, supply, sewerage or government charges, these are an owners responsibility to pay. Although in SA you can charge for Water Supply.

In this example below the water usage to be paid (reimbursed) by the tenant is $26.90. The tenant is not responsible for the Service Charges of $200.70. 

For some bills, the difference might only be a few dollars for government charges or taxes.

What if the property is NOT separately metered?

You cannot charge for water consumption unless a dollar amount (or calculation) for water is built into the lease agreement.

Example for Queensland

Total owing by tenant in this example would be $136.12