Tenant application and approval process

When should tenants apply

A tenant can apply for the property anytime (before or after they have viewed the property) however Cubbi recommends owners do not accept a tenant unless they have viewed the property (or had a close family member of friend inspect the property on their behalf). The last thing anyone wants is to move into a property then find it's not suitable after 2 months.

How to apply

Click the ‘Apply’ button directly from the property listing on Cubbi. 4 easy ways to get there.

If a tenant does not apply for the property on Cubbi the owner can invite the tenant as an  Existing Tenant, however, this will skip the onboarding flow of a new tenant in Cubbi (bond, condition report etc) impacting the experience for everyone. Contact us for help.

Completing the application

When applying for the property the tenant must:

  • Create an account with Cubbi
  • Complete their profile per person who intends to go onto the lease agreement. (we recommend all adults go onto the lease)
  • Complete the application questions.
  • Answer all questions honestly, supply ID, proof of income, agree to a tenant check and privacy statement to allow further screening by owner.

When an application is complete

The owner will receive a notification to view the application in Cubbi. More info

Checking an application

An owner should ensure the tenant can:

  • Pay the ongoing rent payments
  • Look after the property

Cubbi provides the ability to check a tenant on the National Tenancy Database ($29 per check), screening tips and guidance. Owners may also schedule a call with us to discuss the potential applicant.

Owner is happy to proceed

Click to approve the tenant and follow the prompts to set up the lease in Cubbi. The tenant will not receive the good news until the lease is set up. The tenant will receive the lease to sign, make the first payment and set up rent payments all in one hit. 
Learn about the approval process.