Lodging the bond in Queensland

The tenant pays the bond in Cubbi where it is held in trust until move-in day. 

On move-in day the bond is transferred to the owner with instructions to lodge the form and money with the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) QLD.

Payment and Lodgement Process

  1. Tenant to pay bond - When a lease is signed for a new tenancy, the tenant receives a special link to approve the bond payment. This must be approved by the tenant at least 3 business days before the lease start date to allow time to clear.
  2. Tenant to sign bond lodgement form - A pre-filled bond lodgement form is sent out to all parties with instructions for signing. Tenants can email their signed form to the owner. 
  3. Bond held in trust - When the bond payment clears, it is held in trust until move-in day. 
  4. Bond transferred to owner - On move-in day, the bond money is transferred to the owner. Allow 1-2 days to reach the bank account.
  5. Upload bond lodgement form to RTA - Instructions are sent to the owner to upload the signed bond lodgement form to the RTA website the following day after move in. This should be done within 1-2 days. 
  6. Owner to pay bond to RTA - The RTA will send the BPAY reference number to the owner within 5 days to make the payment.
  7. Receipt sent all parties - Within 7 days after the bond payment has been accepted by the RTA, owners and tenants will receive an acknowledgement confirming the bond lodgement. This will be sent via email to the owner and via post to the tenants and will include the Rental Bond Number.
  8. Enter Rental Bond Number in Cubbi - The owner must enter the Rental Bond Number into Cubbi to complete the process. This should be done asap after receiving it from the RTA.

Instructions to upload bond lodgement form to the RTA
Maximum Bond Amount
Scannable works great for scanning documents from your phone. (step 2 and 5)