Can I just advertise using Cubbi?

Yes, you can list your property for rent without continuing with the Cubbi service.

While the Cubbi platform is designed for listing and management of a property it is possible to list-only. 

Advertise as per normal, continue receiving enquiries and applications through Cubbi and then at the point you are ready to select a tenant, unpublish your ad and set up your new tenants outside Cubbi. 

We recommend you notify your tenant as they may be expecting the Cubbi service. You will need to create your own lease, bond, condition report and collect rent all outside Cubbi.

If you change your mind and decide you want to give the Cubbi Service a go, simply ‘Approve’ your tenant’s application and continue through the lease set up. The service fee (2% of the rent) for this begins from the first rent payment, initiated as soon as everyone signs the lease.

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