Payment Notifications

We keep you in the loop when payments are processing and paid.

From April 16, 2019:

We've simplified how payments work at Cubbi and so have our Payment Notifications. When any payment is received by Cubbi or when Direct Debit is processing we send the following Payment Notifications:  

Sent to both owners and tenants:

  • when Rent is Paid
  • when any Invoice is paid (water, bond etc)
  • when Direct Debit fails

Sent to tenants only:

  • when Direct Debit is scheduled to process tomorrow
  • when a failed Direct debit is retried

In simple terms. If all goes well (nothing fails) you'll only get one notification when it's paid.

Notifications are mostly sent by email although we send an SMS when things are more urgent.

Late Rent Notifications (Coming Late April 2019):

What happens when rent is late? We will be sending seperate Late Rent Notifications to keep both owners and tenants in the loop. This will help owners know what is happening and to help the tenant get the rent paid and the consequences for not paying. They are focused on late rent not specific payments.

Reducing noise and simplifying things. Owners and tenants only need to know when something goes wrong and what to do about it (if anything).

Before April 16, 2019: 

Previously payments were only made by Direct Debit and notifications worked a lot differently. As Direct Debit moved from initiated from the tenant to cleared to transferring to the owner we sent a number of different Payment Notifications:

Sent to both owners and tenants:

  • when Direct Debit was initiated and awaiting clearance by the bank
  • when Direct Debit was cleared by the bank
  • when Direct Debit was deposited into escrow (held in trust)
  • when Direct Debit was paid out to the owner
  • when Direct Debit failed
  • when a failed Direct Debit is retried

Sent to owners only:

  • when Direct Debit was cleared by the bank