BPAY payments

BPAY is a trusted and accessible way for tenants to pay rent, bond or any other invoice through Cubbi.

Benefits of BPAY

With BPAY tenants are in control and can make payments one-off or setup a recurring schedule via BPAY through their online banking. Tenants can use BPAY to pay for rent, bond or any invoice in Cubbi.

Check your 'Rent payment terms' agreed with your owner to see if you can pay rent via BPAY. 

How to Pay with BPAY

BPAY payments are initiated by the tenant inside their own bank account using a Biller Code and Reference Number provided by Cubbi. More here

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Processing Times

Processing times range between 1-2 business days before the funds reach Cubbi and show up in your tenancy's payment records.

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