How to make Direct Debit always on

For Owners:

As an Owner you can restrict tenants to always pay rent on Direct Debit. However, the tenant must agree.

The tenant must agree because it's a change to the terms of the lease and restricting the options for how tenants pay rent.

How to make Direct Debit Always On 


Send us a message

Send us a message and let us know which property and tenant you would like to make Direct Debit Always on.


Both the owner and tenant agree to the change

Within 24 hours we will send an email to both the owner and tenant to agree online to the change of terms. 


Rent will now be paid by Direct Debit

Once signed, we will go ahead and make Direct Debit always on for your tenancy and confirm the Direct Debit schedule.

More information on making Direct Debit optional can be found here: Always on vs Optional

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