How to cancel a Direct Debit schedule

For Tenants:

Tenants can cancel their Direct Debit schedule on Cubbi, which means no further rent payment will be deducted from their account.

As a tenant you can cancel your Direct Debit schedule so you can pay rent via other payment options. In this article we show you how to cancel your Direct Debit schedule. Please note, the owner cannot cancel the Direct Debit schedule on your behalf.

How to cancel a Direct Debit schedule 


Log on to Cubbi

Navigate to the Direct Debit page on your Cubbi Dashboard, where you will find your current Direct Debit schedule.


Click 'Cancel Schedule'

Follow the prompt to confirm the change. No further rent payments will be deducted from your account.

Please note, existing payments awaiting clearance cannot be stopped.

At anytime the tenant can turn back on the Direct Debit schedule from the same page on your Cubbi Dashboard.


If Direct Debit is set to 'always on'

Tenants are unable to cancel a Direct Debit schedule if the payment terms are set to Direct Debit 'always on'. You can send the Owner a request to cancel the Direct Debit schedule as shown below. If the Owner approves the request, you will be sent an email notification to cancel the Direct Debit schedule (actionable by following step 2 above). 

Please note the Owner is not obliged to approve this request Learn more.

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