Professional Tenant Screening

As an optional extra to the $199 listing fee you can choose if you want Cubbi to screen each application as they come in for $129.

Unlimited applications, until a tenant is found.

How to purchase

How it works

1.  Tenants Apply

When an application is completed by a Tenant, you'll be notified automatically straight away (regardless if you have Professional Tenancy Screening or not). 

2. Professional Screening Process


  • Pre-screening (general check over)
  • Request additional information from the tenant if required (eg ID, pay slips or reference contact details)
  • Reference checks (see FAQ's below)
  • Final check over before providing a Cubbi Recommendation.

Depending on the information we find, we may skip steps or go back steps.

3. Cubbi Recommendation

Within 2 business days (usually 1) the Recommendation will be complete. You will be notified via email with a link to view in your Dashboard. You may also like to speak with us about our recommendation, for example, you may like to talk through any lease conditions suggested in more detail or get additional thoughts before making your final decision.

If you're then happy to go ahead with the tenant we will complete an NTD Tenant Check for free (if you need more than one you can purchase them separately for $29 each). You can order a Tenant Check from your dashboard - you will not be charged for the first one.


How many applications will you screen? 

As many as it takes to find a tenant! If you need us to screen 5, 10, 15 or 20, so be it, whatever it takes to find the right tenant.

Do you speak to references?

If we need to yes. If the agent provides all the information required we usually don't call them unless we are concerned about something.

Which references do you check

Depends on the application but as a guide we'll check:

  • Current employer / accountant
  • Previous employer / accountant
  • Current agent/owner
  • Previous agent/owner
  • Personal references if additional information is required

Do you provide a guarantee on your recommended tenant? 

No, but watch this space. 

Does the money back guarantee cover this cost as well?

Yes. The Find a tenant within 30 days or money back covers both the Listing price ($199) and the Professional Tenant Screening cost ($129). Once refunded, the listing will remain active on third party websites, but the Professional Tenant Screening service will be disabled. 

Do you call me to discuss the outcome like an agent?

Only if we need to, but you can always email, live chat or schedule a call with the person who checked a particular application if you want to discuss further. 

Most times our Recommendation is substantial enough for you to make a decision.

Can I use this as evidence if I need to make an insurance claim?

Yes. Depending on your claim with your landlord insurance provider you may need to provide evidence you have minimised the risk. In such cases they may request evidence you have properly screened the tenant to process your claim -  this might include notes from references and and NTD check. Please note, every insurance provider is different.

Can you check application that comes in via my own application form?

No. We can only screen applications that are filled out on the Cubbi website.

Refund policy

You can get a full refund or credit under either of the following circumstances:

  • Within the 3 days after purchasing and no recommendations have been completed yet. This allows you to get a refund if you purchased this by mistake for example.
  • The service you received was not as described. This allows you to get a full refund if we did not live up to your expectations.  

Thirdly, another option is to 'pause' the service by removing your listing, and when you're ready to advertise again, re-advertising for free within 60 days. This is perfect if you need to stop looking for tenants if for example you need to do some renovations or need to delay showing tenants through.

If you're keen on screening your own tenants, check out this guide.