Professional Tenant Screening

New and Improved - November 2022

One of the most important tasks of managing a rental property is screening rental applications so you get the right tenant for your property.

A bad tenant and a good tenant are worlds apart. You can manage a property in under 7 hours per year with a good tenant on Cubbi but you have to be a lawyer and a negotiator with deep pockets, and a lot of spare time to manage a bad tenant.

If you have been through the mess you know!

Our professional screening is designed to help you pick a good tenant, one that:

    Pays rent on time (so you never question if the rent will be paid)
    Who will look after the property (like they own it)
    and is easy to deal with (to save you time and hassle)
Good tenants also keep your neighbors happy and have similar intentions to you (e.g. length of tenancy)
There is a lot that makes up a great tenant, and there is no one piece of data that will give you the answer. The information must be interpreted as a whole which is why you need an experienced property manager's interpretation. Every application we screen is completed by an experienced property manager.

Pricing packages

Simple $80 per application.


Guaranteed Certified Renter package for $160. We screen up to 3 applications (that you shortlist for screening) and we guarantee one of those will be certified by Cubbi. If we don't certify any of the 3 applications (e.g. the applications are not good enough) we will continue to provide professional screening for an unlimited amount of applications until one application is Cubbi Certified. This is designed to give you the peace of mind you will get a good tenant for the money spent.

What has changed from the old Professional Screening service?

You can now shortlist the applications you want us to screen, instead of every application being screened.

You pay per application instead of being forced to pay more for every application to be screened.

We do atleast 1 NTD check per application, whereas before we only did one NTD check in total.

We now certify applications that we recommend whereas before we didn't provide any guarantees with our recommendations.

We now provide more insights to help you learn more about how we came up with our certification, whereas before it was limited. More updates coming soon over November and December!

We have increased our turnaround time from 2 business days to 1 business day (pending references).