How does Cubbi screen tenants

Our process takes one business day (pending references and/or any additional information if required from the applicants). Screening applications is very time sensitive (because you don't want to miss out on great tenants). 

Our screening process is very thorough. We use a mixture of technology, people and experienced property managers to provide you with our recommendation.

The screening process

Step 1: Request any additional information

The moment you shortlist an application from your dashboard our technology gets to work. References are sent out, NTD checks are ordered and the tenant is asked to complete a Tenant Safety Profile.

We also look over the application and ask the applicants for any additional information we need. This might be for more recent payslips, additional living history (to gather more references) or perhaps we're still waiting on one of the applicants (household members) to complete their part of the profile. Everyone has a different situation, whatever the case we proactively get the information we need to professionally screen the application.

Step 2: Verify the information and references

We don't take anyone's word for it, we like to have two forms of proof for almost everything because it's not about what an applicant reports in their application, it's what we can prove that goes towards our recommendation. 

We verify their income, ID and references. For example, if the applicant has a reference from a private landlord we find out if that reference did actually own that property. 

Step 3: Collect References 

We collect references from current and previous agents/landlords, employers and other required references, even sales agents if they have recently sold their property. Each reference comes with a different strength weighing towards our recommendation.

Our email and sms reference request is very thorough so most of the time we're able to get all the information we need without making phone calls however for about 30% of references we need to call them (eg the current property manager) to clarify anything or to follow up with them if they have not responded to our messages. Sometimes we need to take the entire reference over the phone if that's how they feel most comfortable.

Step 4: Industry benchmarks and risk assessment

All our information and findings are displayed on your dashboard. You are able to see everything we see, including all references and all information the applicants report in their application, including their proof documents.

We match the verified data against industry benchmarks to help guide our interpretation. This includes a rent affordability rating, Safety Profile Report, National Tenancy Database report and budget strain.

Step 5: Professional Interpretation

To keep our professional screening accurate, fast and comprehensive yet affordable, a highly skilled and experienced property manager comes in at the end of the process to interpret all the information and provide you with the final recommendation.

We also provide additional commentary to help mitigate the risks the application represents to you and your property.

What is looks like

Here is some of what you will see on your dashboard (minus the actual reports and additional commentary in the dropdowns).

This is what the reference forms looks like: