Rules for Private (one-on-one) inspections for rental properties: COVID-19

All Cubbi COVID-19 articles are in progress and will continue to update. We are actively improving Cubbi as you read this article. In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Only conduct physical inspections after the tenant has viewed a Video Walk Through (if provided on the listing) and/or a Virtual Private Inspection has been conducted if possible.
  2. As public gatherings, excluding household members, have been reduced to a maximum of two people, it's ok for the entire household (group) of tenants to view the property (provided they already live together) at the same time, if not only a maximum of two people from the one group can view the property. (If multiple groups want to inspect the property, these could be arranged 20 minutes apart from each other).
  3. The owner (or person managing the property) must not enter any single, undivided indoor space if more than one other person is in that space. In short, it's best if ONLY the group of tenants are inside the property - the owner should greet (from a 1.5m distance) and wait out the front.
  4. Minimise all unnecessary contact with others, therefore:
    1. No shaking hands
    2. No physical items (eg brochures) should be handed to one another
    3. The tenant should not touch the owners phone if using the Check-in app. (the tenant could Check-in themselves using their own phone if required)
    4. Prior to the inspection all doors, necessary wardrobes/cupboards and curtains should be opened to reduce the need for the tenant to touch anything
    5. The tenant should only touch items if essential. Testing the water pressure is not essential - the owner could demonstrate this
  5. Before or in-between every inspection main surfaces (kitchen bench tops and door handles) should be wiped over.
  6. Everyone should follow general hygiene (wash hands before the inspection and cough into arm etc).
  7. Keep 1.5 metres away from each other
  8. Smile