How to reject a Tenant Application

For Owners:

You can easily send the applicant(s) a message to reject their application by clicking 'Reject Application' via your Cubbi Dashboard.

To access this:

  • On the tenancy, click on 'Tenants' and the respective application.
  • Click 'Reject Application' at the bottom of the page, which opens pre-written content on the Cubbi Messenger.
  • Feel free to edit this message as you wish, or simply click send to notify the tenant. 

It will send an email notification to each applicant (if they have not viewed the message on Cubbi within 5-10 minutes).

Watch a quick tutorial here of the feature in action (if you can't see it above).

Some extra detail: 

By sending a rejection message, it does nothing else but sends a message via the Cubbi Messenger. There is no deny status on the application nor is the application hidden. 

The only way to know if you have sent them a rejection message is by checking your Messages.

If you change your mind and would like to rent to them, you can still click Approve and start the lease signing process without any issues.