Virtual Routine Inspections

Instead of physically inspecting the property, a Virtual Routine Inspection is completed using a live video call with the tenant.

At the scheduled time, the tenant while at the home holds their phone out in front of them - this is your eyes and ears. They are directed around the property to ensure every room and critical items are checked off.

Inspections should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Virtual Routine Inspections can be carried out:

By Cubbi ($80) or

By Owner (at no additional cost)


How does this effect Landlord Insurance?

Every policy is different so this is only general advice to the best of our ability at this ever changing time. The main rule with Landlord Insurance is that you have to be able to verify you have taken reasonable steps to minimise your risk. Most polices require you to inspect the property at least once per year. Although you can see below EBM insurance have said " If inspections can’t be done during this period, it won’t make any difference to the outcome of a claim" however that might not be the same for your policy and this may also change for EBM as Virtual inspections rise and change the way properties are managed. Therefore to be on the safe side and to minimise your risk we highly suggest completing a Virtual Routine Inspection during COVID-19.

EBM - Landlord Insurance

How is landlord insurance impacted if there is a ban on rental property inspections due to the risk on personal health and safety?

If inspections can’t be done during this period, it won’t make any difference to the outcome of a claim. There is a clause in practically all landlord insurance policies that relates to maintaining the premises and working to prevent future damage or loss. Failure to do so can oftentimes mean a claim won’t be paid. Ongoing property inspections help to make sure you are abiding by the policy terms and conditions. However, we understand these are trying times and the change in the way rental properties are managed will not impact the cover. Source

When should I conduct a Virtual Routine Inspection after COVID-19?

When COVID-19 is all over we recommend physically inspecting the property at least once per year, and all other routine inspections virtually. Why:

- To clearly satisfy your landlord insurance and legal obligations, and

- It's much easier to see what needs attention and how well the tenant is looking after the property in person.

If you believe the tenant is not looking after the property, a physical in person inspection is recommended.