Open For Inspections banned: COVID-19

All Cubbi COVID-19 articles are in progress and will continue to update. We are actively improving Cubbi as you read this article. In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The government announced that they were banning Open For Inspections from midnight Wednesday March 25.

However private (one-on-one) inspections are still ok which has been confirmed by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. This is highly likely to be the same for each state.

You can still enter inspections times via your Cubbi Dashboard. Please note these should only be for one-on-one inspections.

If you're going to continue private inspections follow these rules

To reduce (or remove) the need inspections click on the below links to learn about your options:

  1. Video Walk Through
  2. Live Open For Inspection
  3. Sign a lease subject to a successful viewing