Direct Debit payments

Set and forget. Cubbi automatically deducts rent from the tenant's bank account before it’s due.

Direct Debit is one of the payments options for tenants to pay rent.

A great 'set and forget' option to pay rent because:

  • The tenant does not have to initiate payments, payments are initiated by Cubbi (not the tenant inside their own banking app).
  • The Direct Debit payment is initiated 'x' days before the rent due date automatically (5 days by default).
  • The Direct Debit amount and frequency is automatically adjusted when the rent payment terms change (eg for rent increase or pro-rata final payments).
  • The Direct Debit schedule is smart as it will only deduct rent from the tenant if rent is due.

Screenshot of tenant dashboard to manage a Direct Debit schedule

Can rent be paid with NPP or BPAY while on Direct Debit?

Yes, this gives tenants the flexibility for two reasons:

  1. To beat the Direct Debit before it's deducted: If the tenant pays via NPP or BPAY the payment must reach Cubbi before the scheduled Direct Debit date otherwise the Direct Debit will continue to process.
  2. To get rent paid faster if Direct Debt fails: You don't have 3 days to wait for Direct Debit to clear, pay with NPP or BPAY to ensure rent is paid on-time. Please note, you will need to cancel the failed direct debit otherwise it will auto-retry within 24 hours.

Cancelling a Direct Debit Schedule

A tenant can only cancel their Direct Debit schedule if the agreed rent payment terms of the lease are set to Direct Debit optional. If a Direct Debit is cancelled the tenant will need to pay rent via NPP or BPAY.

Currently Direct Debit is only available to pay rent. We will be adding the ability to pay Bond, Water and other charges in the future.

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