How does Cubbi handle rent owing when switching to Cubbi during a tenancy?

When setting up an existing tenancy in Cubbi, you have the option to enter if any rent is owing. 

If you enter that rent is owing prior to switching to Cubbi, the rent owed is recorded for proper records.

If the Renter is paying via Direct Debit, Cubbi will not automatically deduct the rent from the Renter. 

As an Owner, there's two options:

  • Collect the payment outside of Cubbi and contact confirming once the payment is received. We'll need to know the amount and date received. Please note, in these circumstances, for a one-off manual payment record, Cubbi will not charge the usual manual recording fees as reported here
  • Ask the Renter to make a one-off payment via BPay or NPP to cover the rent owed. 

Please note: Cubbi will not actively follow up the Renter for outstanding rent owing prior to using Cubbi. It is the Owner's responsibility to organise this with the Renter prior to switching to Cubbi. 

Our late notifications will be sent in the standard way, should the Renter fall behind in rent.